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Hey guys! I'm Katie.


I'm a lifestyle photographer based in Ellis County. I am a Christian and I'm married to a handsome Texan. We can't get enough of our little boy Randy Maxwell.

I was born in London, England and moved to the US when I was just twelve. After living in a few different states I finally made it here, to the great state of Texas.

When I was little I used to take disposable cameras with me everywhere which sparked the beginning of my photography journey. I love to use both film and digital cameras. While my husband is hunting deer, I'm hunting for natural light.

I'm a former high school ceramics teacher and have a creative brain that I'm constantly satisfying.  Next to throwing on a potters wheel, taking pictures is my creative outlet. 



I'm here to take your picture and to capture all seasons of life.

The love, the joy, and all those moments God has blessed you with.



Favorite Things

Throwing Pottery - Mexican food - The Office - HGTV - England - Madewell - Skoolies

ennis texas photographer



My husband Casey finally agreed to marry me on October 17, 2015 right here in Ennis, Texas. It was a beautiful day and the best of our lives. Our little boy Randy came along in the summer of 2017.

Casey and I are always on the go and out exploring. We love to go to shows, plays, and listen to comedians. Our favorites are Jim Gaffigan and Brian Regan.

We can never eat enough Mexican food each week and our favorite trip we've ever taken was a spontaneous 20 hour drive up to see Mount Rushmore. 

ennis texas photographer


And here's a few photos of Randy because, let's be real, my mom-tography wouldn't be complete without some adorable baby spam.


Ellis county texas photographer
ellis county texas photographer
ellis county texas photographer