When I saw you I fell in love,

and you smiled because you knew.


Weddings are such an exciting time where you decide to commit your entire life to another person. It can be easy to get caught up in the thrills and magic of a wedding. But what’s more beautiful than a wedding dress or a bridal bouquet? A Godly marriage. That’s what its all about guys. Remember to keep that the focus while you plan for all the beautiful things.

Every wedding is different and unique, so don’t feel the pressure to make yours stand out so it’s ‘Pinterest’-worthy. Trust me, it will be.

Because you’ll be in it.

So don’t stress too much about the small stuff. The pictures I capture for you on your day will be all that’s left after the guests have driven home and the candles all blown out. I’ll be capturing everything that makes your wedding special and unique for you.

There’s nothing I love more than telling a love story, and I hope to do that for you on your wedding day.

love, Katie

Ellis County Wedding Photographer

Wedding Packages

All packages include at least 6 hours of wedding day coverage and an online gallery that displays all of your high resolution images.



6 hours of coverage

Online gallery of images




8 hours of coverage

Engagement session

Online gallery of images




8 hours of coverage

Engagement Session

Bridal Portraits

Online gallery of images